Frequently Asked Questions

What are the classes like?

The first priority in every class is safety.  Our second priority is to have fun!  We do not believe in a "drill instructor" mentality.  We try to incorporate humor into our classes and tailor the classes to the students taking the class.  We present real world scenarios and discuss them as a class.

Is a Utah CCW Valid in California?

The Utah CCW is not valid in California.  The only way to carry in California is with a California CCW.

Why get a Utah CCW?

With a Utah CCW, you can legally carry in 33 states.  If you have a California CCW, the Utah CCW is a great supplement as it is valid in several states where the California CCW is not accepted, including Nevada.  The Utah CCW also has less restrictions than a California CCW if you are in a state that accepts both (ie Idaho).

If you live in a county where you cannot obtain a California CCW or if you are on the wait list in your county, the Utah CCW allows you to carry when you travel out of state.

Either way, the Utah CCW is one of the cheapest in the country to maintain.

What other costs are associated with a Utah CCW?

You will also need to submit a fingerprint card, a passport photograph, and pay $63.25 to the state of Utah.  Including the training, the entire process costs about $150-$175 in our experience.

What about renewing the Utah CCW?

Renewal is every 5 years for the Utah CCW.  Renewal is $25, a new photograph, and some paperwork.  As long as your permit remains active, you do not need to redo the training or go through another background check.

I was convicted of DUI 6 years ago.  Am I eligible for a Utah CCW?

Generally, misdemeanors over 5 years old will not disqualify you from obtaining a Utah CCW.  We do suggest checking the Utah BCI website to confirm:

Why is your class so much cheaper than your competition?

We aim to keep our prices as low as possible.  One of our primary goals is to promote the second amendment.  All instructors are fully qualified and are NRA certified at a minimum.  We have a unique experience of both law enforcement and civilian carry.

I want to take your Handgun 101 class, but do not own a gun.  Is that ok?

Most people who take this class do not own a firearm.  That is completely ok.  Please let us know ahead of time that you do not own a gun.

What other costs are associated with the Handgun 101 class?

The price includes everything except ammunition.

Your Handgun 101 class is shorter than other entry level classes.  Why?

Great question!  Our class is shorter because we limit our class size to 4 students!  This means more time shooting rather than standing around!  You will generally shoot the same amount in our class than in the longer classes.

Is it possible to "fail" a class?

Most of our classes are not pass/fail types of classes.  The only way to fail one of these classes is with a poor attitude such as intentional safety violations, etc.

The exception is that the NRA Basic Pistol is nationally standardized class and is a pass/fail class.  If you have not met the standards at the end of the class, we will work with you until you meet the standards, even if it means staying late and/or coming back on another day, etc.  We will not charge extra for this.  However, there may be an extra range fee and/or more ammunition needed.

I am a convicted felon.  May I take your class?


Will my class ever be cancelled?

Unlike many of our competitors, we value your time and will never cancel a class due to low attendance.  If 1 person signs up for a class, we will hold the class, even if it means losing money.  However, there are sometimes circumstances out of our control that may cause a class to be cancelled (natural disasters, etc).  If this happens, we will contact you as soon as possible and make arrangements with each student individually.